About us

Mann-E AI Platform is an Iranian company specializing in Generative AI solutions and helps users make artwork from their creative ideas in almost no time.

Mann-E helps you unleash your dreams in form of beautiful artwork in any form or style you like.

Why Mann-E?

Mann-E is a play with the Persian male name Mani which is the name of a spiritual leader in late Parthian empire. Mani founded the Manichean belief system and his work was in art.

So since this platform is made in Iran and Mani was a famous painter with some spiritual backgrounds, we put his name on our product.

Getting Started

You just need to sign up and activate your account. Then you’ll be able to do your creative stuff with our platform.

What made us different?

We have a niche market of Iranian users (multilingual prompt support, payments, etc.) and our prices are much lower compared to our competitors.

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