Prompt Guide

In this section, you’ll learn how to write good prompts for Mann-E AI engine. In the following document you’ll be learning what is a prompt, how it works and how you can write a good one as well.

What is a prompt?

A prompt is simply a piece of text you provide to our AI engine and our engine will make an image based on the explanation you’ve provided.

How can I write a good prompt?

Note: Although Mann-E supports Persian prompts, but better results can be generated with English ones.

Prompt details

This is a prompt:

a beautiful painting of a house in a stunningly beautiful landscape, oil painting, vibrant colors, art by greg rutkowski

and this is how it works:

  • Subject: in this particular prompt, our subject is a beautiful painting of a house in a stunningly beautiful landscape
  • Painting tool/material: If you specify this, the result will be much better and will have a feeling. For example we here provided oil painting as our material.
  • Mood: here we wanted the mood of vibrant colors so we’ve added it to our prompt.
  • The artist: here we’ve used greg rutkowski as our artist. This will help to have our outputs in a certain form.

This is the output of the above prompt:


  • No Style: This will add no style to your artwork and will provide the art as it is.
  • Digital: If you need the feeling of the digital painting, you may use this style.
  • Classic: If you like the vibe of 19th or 20th century and you’re a fan of oil or watercolor painting, this style will help a lot.
  • Surreal: If you’re a fan of Salvador Dali, you have to use this style. No doubt of that!
  • Impressionist: This will make your output look like its drawn by Van Gogh or Monet.
  • Concept Art: If you want to have some quick concept designs for your video game projects, you may use this style.
  • Dark Fantasy: If you’re a fan of Skyrim or Elden ring and want to create artwork with the vibe of those video games, this is what you have to try.
  • Pixel Art: If you’re a fan of retro video games, this is for you.
  • Modern Pixel Art: Modern indie games also have a taste for pixelated images. I guess you may want to try this as well.
  • Comic: DC or Marvel fan? just use this.
  • Sketch: Pencil sketches and hand drawn line arts are made possible with this particular style.
  • Anime/Manga: If you’re a weeb, you must try this!
  • Photo: This one is for photos and not paintings. It’s worth a try.


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